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Unlocking Efficiency: Outsourcing Human Resources in the Philippines – Business Cases

Business Case 1: Outsourcing HR for a FinTech Company


A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for a Work Visa in the Philippines

Working in the Philippines can be an exciting opportunity, but before you can start your new job, you'll need to navigate the process of obtaining a work visa.


Navigating the Hiring Process in the Philippines: Key Considerations

The Philippines has emerged as a global hub for outsourcing and offshoring, attracting businesses from around the world.


How to Establish a Company in the Philippines

The Philippines is a popular destination for foreign investors due to its low-cost labour, skilled workforce, and strategic location.


Exploring Alternatives: Outsourcing vs. Establishing a Local Company in the Philippines

When considering expanding business operations in the Philippines, you face a crucial decision: whether to establish a local company or opt for outsourcing services.


Leveraging Remote Technical Resources: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's globalised economy, businesses are no longer confined to their geographical boundaries when it comes to recruiting talent.


Archax: Empowering Strategic Talent Acquisition for Technology and Fintech companies through HR resourcing services in The Philippines

In today’s fast-paced business environment, strategic talent acquisition is critical for the susses of technology and fintech companies.


Unlocking Opportunities:Why technology companies should choose the Philippines?

The global technology landscape is expanding at a rapid pace, and businesses need to identify strategic locations that offer growth opportunities and a competitive advantage.

Outsourcing and Remote Staffing

Outsourcing and Remote Staffing: The Dynamic Duo Redefining Organisational Flexibility and Growth

The 21st century has ushered in a wave of rapid technological advancements that continue to reshape how organisations operate.

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